Thursday, August 30, 2012

UNREAL Candy unjunked

I've been a busy Bzz Agent again, as most of you will know I have been a Bzz Agent for many years, and am often sent products to try for free or little charge and I then get to share the good (and bad reviews) of them with you.

The latest one was a new line of candy called UNREAL candy unjunked. I actually received a free bar of this last month via a CVS coupon, so was excited to be sent another free coupon to try another bar - who doesnt like free candy?

There are currently 5 different kinds, all of which are based on similar candy products out there on the market already but these versions are better for you, they contain NO corn syrup, partially hydrogenated oil, no artificial ingredients, no GMO's, no preservatives and have a low glycemic index - sounds good doesn't it?

As you can see they all come in really cool funky colorful packaging, which certainly makes them easy to spot on the shelf. I found mine in CVS where the bars are currently 2 for $2 and the bags are $4.99, I believe Walgreens is also selling them, and they are hoping to launch them in more stores soon.

The first two UN 54 an UN 41 (not sure the reasoning behind those names) are based on plain m&m's and peanut m&m's - I'm not a fan of either so didn't try these ones. Those two contain almost 40% less sugar then the m&m brands. If you look on their website it gives you a full breakdown of calories, sugar, protein etc. The third bar UN8 was based on the snickers and I tried this one last time and I must say it was really yummy, much nicer than I expected and 13g of sugar less than a regular snickers bar. The fourth bar UN5 was by far my favorite and was like a milky way (or a mars bar if you are in the UK!), and has 16g of sugar less than a milky way, and i think it even tasted better than a milky way. The fifth version UN77 is like reeses, and must be popular as there were no single packets left on the shelf! Just the big bag that I photographed, which was fine with me as I'm not a fan of peanut butter cups.

Price wise these are only slightly more expensive than regular candy bars, and they are full of less junk than regular bars, if I am in a store and they sell these I would definitely buy them over the regular bars.

If anyone wants to try these I have some Buy one get one free coupons so let me know.

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