Monday, August 27, 2012

August Bark Box

Another month and another box of goodies, when the Bark Box arrives each month Bluey goes crazy with the box. I normally let him unpack it as he gets so excited, then I let both dogs have treats then I close the box up. This is what happened when I closed the box this time ...

There didn't seem to be a particular theme to this month's box, but it was nice to hear about the new puppies who are now at Bark Box head office

I'm not sure if it is the excitement of all the treats and goodies in the box, but Bluey is always the first one in there!! Poor Jess doesn't get a look in :(

The first item we unpacked were the Elvis treats from Bocce's Bakery, they are wheat free peanut butter, banana and bacon flavor. Both dogs loved these.

The next item was the pig toy from Hyper Pet. It has a piece of elastic rope in it, so you can launch the toy across the room, it also floats. My two are more into fluffy toys, so weren't overly impressed with this :(

Both myself and the dogs are fans of Milk Bone products, their breakfast consists of a few milk bone treats each day. These are the new trail mix, and both dogs loved them. The size of them makes them handy to use as treats when out on a walk.

The next item is a freshening spray from Natures Miracle, that is scented 'baby's breath' - smells like baby powder to me! I have used similar products in the past but am not a huge fan as both of my dogs have sensitive skin.

The final item was a moose antler from Acadia Antlers, my two have had these in the past and loved them, but this time didn't seem that fussed about it, maybe because they ate so many treats!!

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