Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Challenge week 5 results

I can't believe we are at week 5 already, only a few more weeks to go :( Would anyone be interested in hosting the next 8 week challenge? 

So how did you all get on this week with exercising when watching TV? Most of the time I forgot, but a few evenings I did do my physio exercises in front of the TV, which includes doing planks :) Does that count?

Challenge for this week - let's go with a food related challenge. I've been doing lots of planning this week and reading magazines, and have a list of all the recipes I want to try. So the challenge for this week will be to try a new recipe, and post the pics and link to the recipe on twitter using the #loswew8in8 hashtag - you can make a blog post and link to it or however you want to do it. I will even offer a spot prize for this challenge. 

Numbers time - and yes I gained again :( I'm starting a fresh tomorrow and moving my weigh in day to Monday, so hope to have a loss by the end of the challenge. This week's biggest loser title goes to Kipp (@scribble_nibble) who lost 1.41% - a special well done for you :) Lisa S (@LisascottLisa) remains the overall biggest loser with a whopping loss of 6.04%, there are three weeks left in the challenge and there a few of you who are not that far behind - so its still an open field.

Between us (or should I say you!) there was a total loss of 11.9lbs this week which was 0.34%. Well done, and since the challenge started the overall weight lost is 102.1lbs - I am so proud of you all.

Good luck for the week ahead and don't forget about those recipes.


  1. WTG everyone!! I'm not in the challenge, but just wanted to know I'm cheering you all on for it. :)