Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Challenge Week 4 Results

Sorry for the delay in posting this week's results, I've been a bit busy.

It looks like we all had a much better week this week, and between us we lost 28.9lbs which was a total of 0.81%. Although I feel I must confess :( I am the only one in the challenge who has actually gained since starting! Life has been a bit crazy lately, and I'm hoping it will settle down next week and I can get fully focused and back on track.

So how did everyone get on with their exercise this week? Did you make a conscious effort to get out and exercise everyday this week? You must have been doing something right based on the numbers i got from you all this week.

A big well done to you all for having lost weight so far in the challenge. As I explained at the start of the challenge I was lucky enough to receive some coupons from PopChips to hand out to the winner of the challenge, but turns out the expiry date is the end of June which is before the challenge ends, so that's why I decided to do the half way prize. The biggest loser for week 4 goes to Terri E (@feritae) who lost an amazing 3.34% this week, I know she is been doing lots more exercise this week, so well done to you. The overall biggest loser after the first four weeks goes to Lisa S (@LisascottLisa) who has lost a whopping 6.04% so an extra well done to you - that is an awesome loss. Now unfortunately for Lisa she isn't eligible for the 4 week prize as she lives in the UK, so it will go to our second biggest loser over the four weeks who is Terri E (@feritae) who has lost a total of 5.14%. If you can either email or DM me on twitter with your address I will mail the coupons to you.

Since moving house I have hardly watched any TV, so I was wondering how much TV you guys all watch. I think the challenge this week is going to be TV related. When you next sit down to watch a TV program I want you to also do some form of exercise, maybe squats, push ups, arm exercises - anything that means you aren't just sitting there doing nothing.

Good luck for next week and I'm excited to find out how well everyone does next week.

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