Friday, February 10, 2012

Weight Watchers Magazine

I recently received a refund from KGB deals, and only have a small amount of time to use the money. There is nothing I currently want to buy but they do have a current deal which is a years subscription to Weight Watchers magazine for $5, and I have $15 in my account to use.

So I have just purchased 3 subscriptions and would like to give them to 3 of you lovely people :) I already have a 2 year subscription so its no good to me.

Alternatively here is the link to buy a subscription for $5 for yourself

The first three people to comment on my blog post on here will receive a link to one of my vouchers to redeem for a free years subscription to Weight Watchers magazine.

I will need your email to send you the link, so please also send me an email once you have commented. My email is

Happy Commenting :)


  1. What a generous give-away! I'd love to renew, but if you have any new readers who are interested, you can skip me :)

  2. Thank you for linking up on the Wednesdays on the WW! I hope you will join us next week too! :O)

    Also - I would love the WW magazine! I will email you! Thank you!!

  3. I would loveeee one!