Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Week 6

Another loss for me this week :)
Lost 1.6lbs taking my total to 11.2lbs lost. Just 1lb away from the elusive 280lbs now - hopefully next week.

My week didn't start great, I had a sinus infection, TOTM, and my sciatica was bad, so I felt sorry for myself and ate lots, but managed to turn it around.

This week I ate all of my weekly points as well as 3 of the 42 activity points I earned. Most of which was done in the first few days! I did have two days near the end where I was under points. I think this worked well for me, and I'm going to attempt to eat all my weekly points again this week, which shouldn't be hard seeing as I just had taco bell for lunch (I know slapped wrist for me) and I'm going out for a curry with friends tonight.
I haven't been swimming for two weeks as I was giving my hair a break before my cut and color. So plan to get back swimming this week and use my new swim gloves I bought.
Had a great NSV this week, I bought some new jeans in a size 20 and they fit really well, was so chuffed, think that helped the end of the week go better. I also bought a size 18 as they were on sale, so I have something to work on.
Here are the before and after shots of my hair, you cant really see the color in the photo, but it is really nice (well I think so anyway!) Went with the A line cut so I didn't lose too much length at the front.

I updated my blog the other day, and you should be able to view my goals/rewards and photos now via the tabs at the top of the page. Also if I haven't mentioned you in my Favorite blog tab let me know and I will add you.
Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading this.


  1. Congratulations on your loss, Sarah. :)

    You're kicking my butt hardcore on the activity points! I'm new to your blog, so maybe I've just missed it, but what exercises are you doing to earn so many?

    1. Hi
      I try and change my exercise around each week, it ranges from aqua zumba classes, water running classes, walking and i have an exercise bike I use at home.
      Good luck on your journey

  2. Congratulations! I love your hair by the way!

    Thanks for linking up! Cannot wait to see you link up next week too! You are an inspiration!!