Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Week 5

I'm sure as I get older the week's go quicker!

Each week I post my loss (or gain), but I never mention my actual weight, and after viewing a variety of blogs from other people on big weight loss journeys, I thought to myself 'why don't I disclose my weight?' I guess it's because I'm embarrassed about how heavy I am, although I clearly look very overweight so it's not as if I'm hiding the fact. 

So today I have decided I will start posting my weekly updates with my weight as this may also encourage me to try harder (i can but hope). I have also decided to set myself some mini goals and rewards too.

So this week I lost 1.8lbs taking me to a total loss of 9.6lbs in 5 weeks. Which I think is good, but it should be a lot more, weighing in at over 280lbs I should be losing a lot more each week. This week I earned 38 activity points, I am counting my water running as water aerobics which is 8 points for 60 minutes, it says 20 points for an hour of water running, but I'm not convinced I earn that many! So as you can see this week I was under on points two days, and over on three days and used half of my activity points and none of my weekly points. Do you think maybe I'm not eating enough? I think this week I am going to aim to eat my weekly points but not my activity points and see if that makes any difference. 

I havent been to water aerobics since Saturday as my hair was getting really dry and knotted, so Ive taken a break as I have a hair appointment tomorrow and am planning on getting it colored so wanted it to be non chloriney for that. I hope to go back to water aerobics from next Tuesday, so that gives my hair a break after the coloring too, need to think about possibly buying a swim cap to help keep the color - will have to check with the hairdresser and see what she recommends. I did buy some special swim shampoo and conditioner for colored hair but haven't tried it yet.

I said I was going to publish my weight, so here goes. Today's weight was 282.6lbs. I went back through some records on my PC and my highest recorded weight was in January 2011 when I weighed in at 305.8lbs, so its heading in the right direction now. I've also found some old weight watchers cards from many a year ago which I plan on scanning and sharing with you next week.

Goals and rewards: 
My first goal I have been trying to reach for a while is to get to 280lbs (2.6lbs to go), not sure if its just me, but 280lbs doesn't sound as horrifying as 20 stone does! 
My reward for reaching this weight will be to go for a pedicure.
My 5% goal (since starting ww online on Jan 11) is 277.6lbs so this will be my second goal, not sure of a reward for that yet. I think one of my problems is I always reward myself with food related things, so need to retrain that part of my brain. Feel free to suggest rewards for me.  I need to update my blog at some point so will find somewhere to post these goals and rewards. I think I will then set mini 10lb goals, so 270, 260, 250 etc, plus inbetween 10%, 15% as mini mini goals.

If you have made it to this part of my post - Congratulations, and hope I haven't bored you too much. Thanks for reading and sharing my journey with me.


  1. Good for you!! You have done great so far! Link up at Wednesdays on the WW!

  2. You have more balls than me and I so admire that! You are on a wonderful path or success and I am glad to of found you! :) xoxo

  3. Good for you for another loss! And for disclosing your weight too! It's such a hard thing for most women (including myself!) to admit that! Maybe I'll start including mine too... maybe! =)

    1. Thanks and thanks for taking the time to read my long post and comment. Good luck on your journey x