Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Week 3

Week 3 weigh in this morning and I lost 0.6lbs taking my total to 9.2lbs so far. (Still a long long way to go!!)

I must admit I was expecting a bigger loss this week after all my hard work at the gym, but Ive just been looking at my points figures for last week,
and I think I maybe need to eat more. I didn't use any of my weekly points and only used 19 of my 61 activity points I earned this week. There was also three days I didn't eat my full daily allowance. I was a bit better with my water intake but still need to try and up that as some days I don't drink anything till the afternoon.

I tried two new activities this week, water running and water zumba, both of which I loved and will be doing again. Haven't done a lot of walking this week so need to get back out there and start walking some more again.

Thanks to everyone who donated to my fundraising page this week, and thanks to everyone who has said they will donate also.
I've raised $490 towards my $2300 goal so far :)

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