Friday, February 3, 2012

Nice accent

Conversation I had today

Lady in gym: 'I love your accent, how long are you visiting for?'
Me: 'Thanks, I live here'
L: 'Do you miss Australia?'
M: 'No, I've never been there'
L: 'where are you from?'
M: 'England'
L: 'are you sure? As I'm really good with accents'
M: 'yes 100% sure'
L: 'Im not convinced'

To which I just smiled till she moved away!

Yesterday the conversation in Walgreens with the cashier ended with me saying 'thanks' and she said 'tally ho' I gave her a strange look and she said 'isn't that what you people say?' Again I just smiled and walked away.

I maybe getting a slight American twang as lately I've been asked where I'm from a lot less :( guess I should start practicing the Queen's English again!!

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  1. Great story about your accent. Thanks fo rsharing.