Sunday, February 26, 2012

Motivation tools

Anything that helps motivate me to lose weight is always good. So I thought I would share my two latest tools with you.

The first one comes from an idea I received from @MamaFeeStevens after reading her recent blog post.
So I went out to my local Ross store and found some cute glass jars for $3 each and then bought some colored glass stones online and the end result is
The jar on the left is the amount of pounds I would ideally like to lose - there was 140 in there to start with and the one on the right is the number of pounds I have lost so far. Total of 11 so far. I think it looks pretty and is a good reminder of how each little pound soon mounts up to a lot of pounds. I will of course be sharing up to date pics along the way as the jar on the right gets fuller.

My second motivation tool this week is a weight loss challenge on Twitter that is being hosted by @DaciaLee33 You can find details of the challenge on her recent blog post. The challenge officially started yesterday, but if you ask nicely I'm sure she may let you join if you sign up in the next day :) It's an 8 week challenge and the is based on the percentage of weight loss each week.. A big thank you to Dacia for hosting this awesome challenge. At present we have 30 participants. I have also offered to host another challenge after this 8 week one.

I'm also thinking about taking part in the Color Run in San Francisco on July 28. Just waiting for registration to open and ideally someone to run with. So if you are in San Francisco and would like to run with me - please let me know. Although I say run, it will be more of a fast walk. It's only 5k so not too far and it looks so much fun.

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