Thursday, February 23, 2012

February BarkBox

It was BarkBox time again in our house this week.

As usual Jess and Bluey were excited to see what delights were in the box for them.

This month's box had a Valentine theme to it being as it is the month of love. One thing we did miss this month, was there was no handwritten message on the inside of the box :(
The goodies we got this month were.
Acadia Antlers As the name suggests they are antlers sourced from moose in Maine. They are a natural, non-splitting rawhide alternative. There was only one in the box so I need to make sure I can entertain one dog whilst the other has a chew on it, and then let them swap. Normally Bluey tends to start chewing the harder treats and once they are 'broken in' Jess will finish them off. It doesn't have any nasty smell, so hopefully it will stay that way when they chew it.
Lollycadoodle We received a super cute pink heart 100% wool toy, Jess loves all toys like this and this is a big hit with her.
Yellow Dog Bakery I think this was the dog's favorite part of the box, but then anything edible normally is! They were super cute heart shaped organic treats for minty fresh breath.
ProDental I've seen a similar product in the store before but never purchased them. They are basically peppermint flavor dental wipes, both of my dogs are used to having their teeth brushed, so this will be a nice simple tool to use on them.
We also liked the cute yellow collar that shows us as BarkBox customers.
Looking forward to receiving March's box

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