Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2 years on

Today we are celebrating our 2 year Ameriversary. Exactly two years ago we were driving from SFO to our house in Burlingame, ready for the adventure that lied ahead.
The two years have gone really quickly, and it only feels like yesterday we arrived. We have lived in two houses since being here. Our house in Burlingame was really nice and living in the suburbs was good too, you got to know everyone and their business. We are now living in San Francisco, which is a lot different, but has its benefits too, shorter commute for Dave, closer to the beach, easy access into the city or nights out.
We've had lots of family and friends visit in the last two years, which we have loved and we have both been home for visits too. Despite all these visits/trips there are still days when I get home sick :(
I've not missed an episode of Casualty or Eastenders since moving here, and still want a bacon sandwich every time they show a scene in the cafe!
Here's to another year and hopefully many more after that

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