Thursday, September 29, 2011

Homeward bound

I'm currently sat in the airport lounge at San Francisco International waiting for my Virgin Atlantic flight.
One thing I have noticed already, is the fact I am loving hearing all the British accents around me, I wonder if I will still feel the same in a weeks time!!

There is one really loud annoying woman in the lounge telling everyone her life story. Fingers crossed she isn't sat next to me in the plane.

When I checked in online it let me choose a seat in the upper deck of the plane, somewhere I've never been before, so that should be an interesting experience mingling with the upper class.

Been on my flight for three hours now, still another seven to go!! Pleased to report the loud annoying lady I saw isn't sat anywhere near me :) when I'm on a flight alone I prefer to put my headphones in and ignore everyone. Sadly the two guys next to me did not feel the same, they never met before this flight and have talked non stop, I can now tell you the names of their wives, kids, dogs, where they work, where they live and where they were born. So much for being in the quiet cabin. I attempted to watch one movie but fell asleep before the end.
Other than a flight to Cuba with Thomson holidays, which was the worst flight ever I always fly long haul with Virgin Atlantic, the air hostesses are always so nice and friendly and helpful, the food isn't bad (had beef stew and vegetables, ceasar salad, bread roll and some rather nice lemon curd crumb cake for dinner when we boarded). The movie choices are excellent and I like how you can choose what to watch and when and can pause and rewind etc as you wish. There goes my little virgin review. Actually I flew to Canada from London with some Canadian airline which was ok. Plus a cool new addition to their games section is........

Which should keep me busy for a while. My reading choice for the flight is One Day, I've seen the film, but wanted to see if the book was better. So far I've read the first chapter and it's all good. I've never seen a movie and then read the book after, actually I think I've only ever read one book that has been turned into a movie.

Currently cruising at 37000 feet, just hit our first bit of turbulence. Two hours left, let's just hope immigration isn't backed up too much.

This is the current view from my seat :)

Will post this blog as soon as I can pick up wifi :)

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