Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whale Watching Trip

Today we went to Half Moon Bay and went on a 3 hour whale watching trip. Unfortunately we never got to see any whales :( We were out at sea for the whole 3 hours and the only thing we saw, other than sea birds was a harbor porpoise and then it was in and out of the water so quickly most people missed it. We than saw a harbor seal once we were back in the harbor.
The trip itself was really nice as we were lucky to have lovely dry weather, other than the occasional spray from the ocean.
Quite a few people managed to leave their breakfast in the pacific ocean!! Luckily this was not Dave, Jess or I, we all took the recommended motion sickness tablets a few hours before getting on the boat.
I would definitely do one of these trips again, and hopefully next time will get to see some whales. They said there was a 70% chance of seeing them today, I just guess they didnt want to see us.
So apologies there is no photos to accompany this post!

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