Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot, hot, hot

Thats how the weather has been the last few days. Its been nice, but when its too hot it just seems so much of an effort to go out and do anything (unless you want to come home drenched with sweat)
I think it last rained here in April, and if I'm honest I'm starting to miss rain, according to my neighbor we wont be getting any until at least November!! and next month is supposed to be even hotter. 
On the plus side I am developing a nice tan :) The down side is having to have the sprinkler system on for the garden, our water bill was more than double this time. The dogs do enjoy going in their doggie paddling pool, so that water is definitely worth it.
One thing i definitely did miss this year was the snow, it never snows here, although you can drive for 3-4 hours and be in the snow (well maybe not this time of year) We did actually see some snow in Yosemite in July when we went, which was strange to see as it was really hot there that day.
Weather seems to be the first thing I mention when people ask me what I like about it here too, so I guess it cant be all that bad.
Its supposed to drop back to around 20 degrees tomorrow, Im sure ill soon be blogging that Im cold.

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  1. I just checked the weather report for here and it has cooled a little. It will only be around 31C most days rather than 35C! I am wondering if we will be having rain again ever!